Michael Jarvis Bokor,

Folks, I have been keenly following developments in Scotland following President Mahama’s interactions with the members of the Scottish Parliament that seems to have generated much controversy.

As reported, “Minority MPs in the British colony stormed out of their parliament upon arrival of the Ghanaian leader over claims that Ghana tolerates abuses on homosexuals. They argued the presence of Mr. Mahama was an affront to the gay community in their country since they respect and recognise their rights.” (See…/Mahama-boycott-in-Scotland-exagge…

The British High Commissioner in Ghana, John Benjamin, has sought to downplay the issue, even as Ghanaians fume that the Scottish MPs, just like any other in any part of the world (including the United States) have no right to force their cultural practices down the throats of Ghanaians or anybody anywhere in this world.

What really annoys me most is the impunity with which those Scots approached the matter as if they really matter to Ghana and Ghanaians. Who do they think they are? Scotland? Tweeeeeeeeeeaaa!!

We in Ghana may remember them only if we want to be petty in tracing former President Rawlintgs’ heritage (having a Scottish father). Other than that, Scotland means nothing to us to warrant the stupidity being displayed by its MPs. No wonder, it could only be the Minority MPs, though.

But I am more concerned about something else, especially the report about Stan Dogbe’s shoving away of the BBC correspondent seeking to ask President Mahama a question regarding his position on the gay/lesbian/queer issue. Whether true or not, Stan is in the news again!!

There are many fallouts, which make me wonder whether President Mahama should even have gone such a visit to Scotland. What did President Mahama seek to get out of the visit for Ghana’s good?

Sometimes, I wonder why he is travelling so much, having already told us earlier on that he won’t do so. Let’s be frank to say that those organizing such visits need to be circumspect. it is time to stay home and do government business. Let Ghana’s Missions abroad do some of those things that do not necessarily need his physical presence to reap any windfall for Ghana’s progress.

As for me, my mouth no be gun ooooooooooooooooooh!!

The British High Commissioner to Ghana Jon Benjamin has said media reports…


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