Membership Registration Drive

The NDC USA Coalition Chapter has launched a “Get Up and Register” drive with the sole aim of mobilizing funds to assist the NDC Party and President Mahama in their re-election campaign.

The political temperature is heating up and the opposition Parties are raising large sums of money from entities and individuals in the diaspora to support their campaign. NDC USA Coalition Chapter cannot sit idle for the opposition Parties to inject large sums of money into their campaign to take over power from the ruling NDC Party.

Ghana has become an envy of Africa due to the many infrastructural improvements that have been embarked upon by the NDC government led by President Mahama. The huge infrastructural deficit gap is being bridged. This and many more are the reasons why we have to register and donate to support the President and the Party to be returned for a second term of office. We cannot afford to see Ghana retrogress.

Help President Mahama and his NDC government to continue moving Ghana forward.

Hundred percent of your donation goes towards the election. NDC USA Coalition Chapter encourages every member to Get Up and Register.

“Get Up and Register”!   “Get Up and Register”!!  “Get Up and Register”!!!

~ Registration & Member ID: $30
~ Member Donation: $120
~ Deadline: June 30, 2016

Make payment at the DONATE menu

If no Branch assigned, whatsapp/text same to: Eugene Prah: (732) 997-9942

Quotes from Members:

“You can be part of the Transformation Agenda. Help return JDM to continue leading the way. Donate today”  ~ Richard, Fl

“Our work is to support our Party in having a stronger voice in the political process, and to make Ghana a better place for all.  The President and NDC need you more now than ever. Your contributions will go toward supporting the President’s electioneering campaign, so please register now. Thank you for your patriotism” ~ Sam, NY

“We cannot sit back and allow the reactionary opposition to retard the changing Ghana initiative which is in full swing. Let us donate to the cause and re-elect President Mahama and the NDC on Nov. 7. 2016” ~ Isaac, NY



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